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1.- Who is responsible for the processing of data?

Post Code:  calle Eduardo Iglesias, 8, Entresuelo (36202) VIGO – Pontevedra
Telephone: (+34) 986 228 129

2.- For what purposes are personal data processed?

MOSQUERA, PRIETO  & GARCÍA ASOCIADOS, S.L. processes personal information provided by interested parties in order to manage the presentation, proposal or execution of preliminary tasks in relation to insurance or reinsurance policy contacts, as well as assistance in the management and execution of said contract(s), particularly as regards accidents, and independent professional impartial consultation as requested, under specified professional order.

3.- How long is data maintained?

Legal obligations: It is possible that use and maintenance of personal information is required for legal purposes and compliance, such as prevention, detection or investigation of criminal activity, loss prevention or fraud. Furthermore, it is possible that personal information is used to comply with internal and external auditing requirements, internal information security objectives or any other manner deemed necessary or appropriate: (a) in virtue of applicable legislation, which may include laws beyond your country of residence: (b) in order to respond to courts, security agencies, regulatory, governmental other public authorities, which may include said authorities outside of your country of residence; (c) in compliance with our terms and conditions and (d) to protect our rights, privacy or property or those of third-parties.

4.- What is the legal basis for the processing of data?

The legal basis for the processing of data shall be the execution of service provision contracts and upon consent of the interested party.

In particular, legitimacy for the processing of data is detailed in Articles 6 and 9 of the European Regulation (express consent, contract execution, legal obligation, among others) as well as in Article 63.3 a) and b) of Law 26/2006, of July 17, mediation of private insurance and reinsurance (consent).

5.- To whom is data communicated?

Personal information is shared in order to carry out professional requirements; data recipients shall be different insurance agencies.

Personal information shall be transferred as per legal requirement, as in the following case: to comply with legal obligations and to respond to requests from government agencies, including security agencies and other public authorities.

There shall be no international transfer of data.

6.- What are your rights when data is provided?

We shall observe user rights of access and control of personal information and respond to requests for information, and as applicable, rectification, modification or cancellation of personal information.

  • Access to personal information: Prior to the provision of data, we request sufficient verification of identity and information in order to provide all relevant data. Additionally, a fee may be charged to provide a copy of your data (except as prohibited in accordance with local legislation).
  • Rectification and cancellation: Users reserve the right of rectify, modify or update any inaccurate personal information. Users also have the right to request suppression of personal information; however, this may not always be possible due to legal requirements and other obligations and factors.
  • Suppression of data: Suppression of personal data may be requested, among other reasons, when said data is not required for the purposes for which it was provided.
  • In specified situations, the interested party may request limitation of data processing, in which case, only data for the execution or defence of claims shall be processed.
  • Processing of personal data may be opposed for specified circumstances and purposes related with the particular situation of the interested party MOSQUERA, PRIETO & GARCÍA ASOCIADOS, S.L, shall cease to process personal data, except for legitimate or imperious purposes or in defence of possible claims.
  • Requests regarding personal information: Please contact us at
  • Data portability: in the event users opt for personal data to be processed by another firm, MOSQUERA, PRIETO & GARCÍA ASOCIADOS, S.L. shall facilitate said data to the new manager, as technically possible.
  • For additional information, as well as models and forms as regards the aforementioned rights, please consult the official web site of the Spanish Data Protection Agency. (
  • Possibility to withdraw consent: in the event that consent has been granted for a specified purpose, said consent may be withdrawn at any time, without affecting the lawfulness of processing based on the consent granted prior to said withdrawal.


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Contact information:

Calle Eduardo Iglesias, 8, Entresuelo (36202) VIGO – Pontevedra
Vigo, Pontevedra

Telephone: (+34) 986 228 129

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